Tidal Connect from Android Tidal app doesn't work


2 posts below hold potential solutions:

  • clear Tidal app cache, relogin into it or reinstall it (in my case only the last step worked)
  • wait till the end of September for a fix from Tidal

Brief description

When I select Volumio in Tidal Android app, the speaker icon briefly flashes, and turns back white. I wasn’t able to make it connect today at all.

Hardware and software

Volumio Version: 3.324
Hardware: Raspberry Pi 3… b?
DDC: Pi2AES Pro Audio Shield - a hat sitting on top of R Pi. In Volumio settings I selected the DAC model “HiFiBerry Digi+ Pro” for it to work.
DAC: Topping D90 connected via IIS over HDMI
Tidal Android app version:

Debug log


Steps to Reproduce

  1. Tidal Connect used to work a week or two ago. I didn’t check since then. I didn’t change anything in the settings. Volumio was logged into Tidal and Tidal Connect option was enabled in the settings. Tidal Connect could see Volumio.
  2. In Tidal Android app click loudspeaker icon. Select Volumio.
  3. The screen goes back to a song. The speaker icon briefly flashes, and then turns back white. Connection doesn’t work.

Additional Information

My Volumio previously had different problems. After each reboot there was a risk it wouldn’t work. So, after a few months I changed the SD card to a much better one, as it was pointed out to be a possible cause. I flashed the card, configured the fresh Volumio installation and used it for, perhaps a few weeks. I only use it as a Tidal Connect device.

Today, along with the problem described above, Volumio also couldn’t play songs from Tidal . Browsing worked. After some fiddling, integration with Tidal started working again, but Tidal Connect didn’t.

Things I tried:

  1. A few reboots of Raspberry Pi, Volumio and Tidal Android apps (used Force stop option in Android).
  2. Disabling and enabling Tidal Connect in Volumio settings.
  3. Relogged into Tidal from Volumio. After login I received an error: -2 net::ERR_ADDRESS_UNREACHABLE.
  4. After another Raspberry Pi reboot integration with Tidal started working. Tidal Connect still didn’t. I tried some additional things.
  5. Changed the primary DNS to, and back to automatic.
  6. Disabled WiFi (Raspberry Pi is connected via Ethernet).
  7. Changed streaming quality settings and MQA.
  8. Before sending the debug log, I tried connecting from Tidal multiple times.

I was having trouble with Tidal Connect recently also.
I fixed it (at least until it acts up again) by clearing the cache and data of the Tidal App (Android).

I had to re-log into theTidal app, but Tidal Connect was working again.

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This is an issue with the Tidal app. Tidal has fixed the issue, the fix will be released September the 21st.


:rofl: almost 3 weeks from now. Great. I’ll mark your response as a solution. But if it isn’t fixed by the end of September, I’ll be back :sunglasses:

Ok. I solved the issue for myself. I cleared the cache, user storage in the Tidal app. Then I logged out. When all that didn’t help, I reinstalled the app. Then it started to work. It’s the same version though.

Awesome! Clearing app data seems to work, but is super annoying and not permanent. Entails redownloading content if used. Hopefully this also resolves the pause-button-spinning-can’t-stop problem.

I’ve tried all of the above fixes and it still bugs out. Tidal Connect only works from my desktop computer and laptop, not my Android phone.

RPI4 8gb with Volumio Version 3.324
Samsung Galaxy S21 Android Version 12
Tidal Version

Have noticed this stopped working on Android Tidal app too (pixel 5)…
EDIT: force stop, clearing data & cache seemed to fix it… all good :smiley:

Ps. Network controls seem to come up now (intermittently) on the lock screen, pretty cool. Can’t always replicate it so dunno about it.