Tidal connect and Volumio Primo: some tracks just miss the first milliseconds


I’ve been using Tidal connect on volumio primo.

Some tracks just don’t start playing from the very beginning, missing the first 100-500ms.

I believe it’s not a momentary / random issue because i can repeeat the error always playing or replaying the same track.

Artist: Naked Eyes
Album: Burning Bridges
Track: Voices in my head (1st track)
In this albusm, this is not the only track with that issue.

Any thoughts/ideas/solutions to this annoying issie?

Paulo Nunes

Thanks for reporting! We are looking into this!

One question, did you update to latest version?

Dear Paulo,


Davide from tech support,

Can you please send a log link at the following address? TECHSUPPORT AT VOLUMIO DOT ORG

Please save the log only after the issue occurs

to save a log: GO TO IPofVOLUMIO/dev (I.e.—-> click on SEND LOG button—-> copy the html link and send it to me

Do you use internal Primo DAC or USB/COAX DAC?
If external one please write to me the model




Hi, yes. Volumio Primo and my Tidal App (on Android) are both in the latest version.


Just send you an email with the log link.

I use an AV AMP as an external DAC connected via COAXIAL output. The AVR is a Denon AVR-4306. I used to use a Lyngdorf TDAi2200 connected the same way and the issue was identical.

Not always the issue happens.

Wouldn’t the DAC in the Primo be better? It would surprise me if it the 15 year old Denon has a better dac

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I was wondering the same, it is mostly because of the internal es90x8q2m DAC that the Primo getting all the attention it deserves (ofc with an excellent tinkerboard literally “on top”).

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Started to use the internal DAC (RCA outputs) but it’s not to much of a difference :slight_smile:
The Denon 4306 it’s a great machine and also supports 24/192.