Tidal base model and Volumio free version compatibility question

I have Tidal HIFI ($9.00 a month)and I am attempting to play it through a raspberry pi 4 running Volumio Free version. however I cannot load Tidal connect . Instead I can only play music from my iPhone 12 using Apple Airplay which is not much better than Bluetooth.

Am I to understand that to get where I want be fidelity wise I need to upgrade both my Tidal account to premium at $20.00 and Volumio account to premium at $6.00 a month.

This has been quite a battle ,while I like the sound quality of Tidal, Spotify played better with all my components.

I am not complaining ,just trying to tune my setup and get rid of the glitches.

Iphone 12 with Tidal app

Raspberry pi 4 with HiFi Berry Digi + running Volumio Free version

Schiit audio Modi3

Marantz 2275

Klipsch Heresy’s 2nd generation
Volumio 3 Issues?

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Tidal HiFi is CD quality. The upgrade is HiFi Plus which supports the controversial MQA format. Your system components don’t support MQA and you would not gain anything from upgrading Tidal.

Upgrading Volumio would allow you to play Tidal (CD quality) directly on Volumio or through Tidal Connect. I suggest that you do the 14 day free trial of Volumio Premium and see if makes enough of a difference for you.

You can save money with a year subscription instead of monthly payment. Volumio Premium is about 60 € per year. If you are in the US, Best Buy offers a year subscription to Tidal HiFi for $80/year.

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