Tidal albums not shown/wrong order on MiniDSP SHD.

Hi there,

I got the MiniDSP SHD and I’m using Tidal. When sorting “my albums” with “date added” things are not alright. The first 20 or so albums shown are in correct order, than suddenly 20 albums are missing, then it is correct again, then again some missing.
When switching to “artist” or “release date” the albums are there but also not completely. There are also some missing but other ones :unamused:
So all the albums seem to be there but the sorting doesn’t seem to work correctly. Either they are missing or not correctly shown.
Album A is there when sorting after A-Z, when sorting with date added Album A is gone (or at least not at the right spot) but Album B is there which wasn’t when sorting after A-Z. Strange.

Does somebody know about this? In Tidal Apps, web version or e.g. the Bluesound App everything is fine and correctly shown.

Still happening. Am I the only one with that problem?