The new Volumio Community, powered by Discourse

Dear beloved volumioers!
Our forum board needed some love and we finally decided to tackle it and migrate to discourse!
We did our best to retain all old users and forum posts and to rearrange the thread structure a little bit.

Of course, the best part of this community is, well, you!
So let us know if you like the new community, what you think we can improve, if you have some ideas for new or restructured categories.
In short, tell us your feedbacks and ideas!


This migration happened thanks the great Volumio Moderators team: ashthespy, gkkpch, balbuze, ian! Thanks guys, amazing feat!


As a first impression, I feel confused, but maybe it’s because I’m not familiar with this new platform.

In the old one there was a button for listing all the threads where I wrote one post at least, do we have something similar for the new one?

Same for me as well, but as I am discovering stuff the platform, it’s quite a lot more flexible! :slight_smile:

On the top right, head to your profile by> Click on your name > Summary or Activity

Thanks for the hint

I just finalized the discobot tutorial, I really like some of the new features

The switch over to this forum stile is great. It is much more modern and has a lot of good features.

Very happy to see volumio switch over to Discourse. It’s a great forum platform and I’m hoping people appreciate some of the new features.

The weekly / monthly summary emails are good for sporadic readers. These are configurable in your user settings.

Thanks, Volumio… ists! :slight_smile:

I didn’t experience the old forum, so I can’t compare. In general I have found this forum to be a very useful resource and the people are quite helpful. Makes being new to Volumio much more manageable.

On the downside, I find the search feature to be pretty useless. I can do a google search that leads me to posts in the forum, but if I use the search function in the forum itself it returns nothing. Not sure why that would be.

Thanks to all who make this possible!


have install on android… but a name with a icon different than official app are too much?

With the old forum, I could use Google Translate to translate the whole page, now it doesn’t …
Quite uncomfortable for those of us who are lazy in English.

We can add google translate support :wink: Will do that this week

Gracias Michelangelo!

The “Go to top” button is missing.

you can install DeepL, mark the text and then press ctrl+c twice

Saludos desde Chile, entre en el negocio, compre membresĂ­a anual. Sin embargo, al actualizar dejĂł de funcionar el PiFi DAC 2.0 (China). Les solicito orientaciĂłn para la devoluciĂłn de mi dinero o cĂłmo gestionar lan actualizaciĂłn de los controladores que permitan utilizar este DAC.
Es increĂ­ble que no teniendo membresĂ­a y no actualizando el controlador todo era mejor (insĂłlito)

Hi, your DAC is not officially supported by Volumio (and therefore not tested).
The reason why it does not work anymore is probably because newer versions of the kernel did break it…
My suggestion to have the best possible experience is to stick to officially supported DACs where we do our best to support them.
There will be a new kernel update soon, which will maybe fix your issue, but I can’t say for sure since I don’t know this DAC…

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gracias por su respuesta.
Entiendo que no se comprometa a una soluciĂłn.

No me diga que no conoce ese DAC, esa declaraciĂłn generar desconfianza en futuras preguntas.


Dear beloved volumio moderators team!
thank you so much for this new, much more comfortable and modern forum.
I like it. the only thing i’m missing right now is to edit older posts.
seems the option to edit is gone after some days of publishing.

keep it up :slight_smile: