Thank you Volumio

I have been a top subscriber for about a year now. And all I can say is thank you thank you thank you.

For five years I had been trying to find a way to play hi res music through my traditional high end stereo. I thought how can this be? You have to go through a computer with little shitty computer speakers to get hi res. ITunes/airplay could not do it. There has too be a solution.

Then a friend turned me on to Volumio and I have had the best time. While you are far from perfect you gave me perfection for hi res. I basically do Qobuz but have done CD and have USB hi res tracks from HD Tracks. And it all works. And the quirks make it a hoppy. The updates only make it better. I will grow with you.

I now have two pi 4s and have graduated from Dac hats to stand alone USB DACs one feeding A 100 watt Onkyo receiver another feeding 30 watt Audioengine speakers. Both are marvelous and none of this happens without Volumio.

I know you working hard and everyone is a critic. Just want to share my appreciation as I sit a listen to bit perfect 192/24 Diana Krall. Wow.


Thanks so much! Those kind of messages are what keeps us going, besides for he love for what we do!keep on enjoying!

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A mighty big +1 to that!