Tablet too old?

Today I got my streamer up and running. I am using a RPI 4 with a Schiit Modi 3 + DAC and I have the Rpi ‘official’ 7" touch screen attached. I can control volumio through my PC just fine and I have a 30 day trial of Qobuz running as well. I can also connect and control things with my Android phone just fine with the downloaded App from the play store.
I also have an old Samsung 10.1 tablet (over 10years old?). The tablet does not want to connect or can’t seem to find the Pi. It connects just fine to the smartphone (about 3 years old). Tablet has plenty of memory and does surf the web just fine, even if a little slow. Am I doing something wrong or is my tablet just to old? I’m not sure what version of the operating system is on there.

try the ip adress of your pi instead of http://volumio.local/ and wifi on 2.4ghz and use a chorme browser


Hi Joe, welcome to Volumio. :grinning:

The tablet should connect ok (use IP address as suggested by dvo) using a browser. The app might not work with your tablet though (depends on how the app has been deployed, in terms of android version support).

You can look for the android version from settings, there should be something like “info” or “about” at the bottom of settings page.

If it’s older than version 5(lollipop), then the device have seen it’s best days already, many developers have already decided to stop supporting anything less than android 6.

If the app was successfully installed from playstore , then it should support your android version.