Suggest a Feature Collection

So many suggested Features …
I tried to list them for a better overview:

Implemented Suggestions:

[i]- Changing the Name of Volumio in the WebUI

  • Welcome Sound when Volumio booted
  • Advanced Shutdown (Pressing the shutdown button -> Player stop -> MPD stop -> Device stop)
  • Changelog for every Device in the forum (because many people wanna know why they should upgrade their well running system)
  • “Currently Listen to” Feature
    • -> Facebook
    • -> Twitter
  • Playlist:
    • -> Clear whole Playlist
  • Library:
    • -> Option to disable
  • Support for:
    • -> Spotify
  • Add a Radio Station over the WebUI

I will add new suggested features, please post them as an extra thread!
Last update: 09.07.2015

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is it possible to add bluetooth remote controller to volumio?