Suggest a Feature Collection

So many suggested Features …
I tried to list them for a better overview:

Implemented Suggestions:

[i]- Changing the Name of Volumio in the WebUI

  • Welcome Sound when Volumio booted
  • Advanced Shutdown (Pressing the shutdown button -> Player stop -> MPD stop -> Device stop)
  • Changelog for every Device in the forum (because many people wanna know why they should upgrade their well running system)
  • “Currently Listen to” Feature
    • -> Facebook
    • -> Twitter
  • Playlist:
    • -> Clear whole Playlist
  • Library:
    • -> Option to disable
  • Support for:
    • -> Spotify
  • Add a Radio Station over the WebUI

I will add new suggested features, please post them as an extra thread!
Last update: 09.07.2015

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is it possible to add bluetooth remote controller to volumio?

Superstar customer should unlock color themes, my suggestion is use a name of a song that will make it more music like instead of green, red, blue. Since the main purpose of Volumio is to enjoy music.

Volumio — Standard Color

These colors are named after popular 60-80’s Songs.

Baby Blue — Nice Blue Color
Purple Rain — Nice Purple
Crimson & Clover. — Deep Red Color
Mellow Yellow — Yellowish Color
White Rabbit. — White Color
Fields of Gold. — Gold Color
Orange Crush. — Orange Color
Brown Sugar. — Light Brown
Green River — Darkish Green

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Please add Genre search to Qobuz. This would be my #1 complaint. Thank you for your consideration.

Alphabetic sorting of Qobuz lists (currently shown as date added with no option to change)

It’s nice when the different sorting options are possible in Volumio. Also for favorites in all music services like Qobuz, Tidal Spotify, local flacs etc.