Suddenly some albums won't play anymore.

I need some help: for a few days, some (not all!) albums won’t play. I can play the separate tracks, but when I click the play button next to the album, the tracks don’t appear on the playlist and nothing starts to play. I can manually add the tracks to the playlist, but that is a lot of work. I tried to rescan the database and restart the system but nothing helps.
I can cast the albums to Volumio via HiFicast (another app), and that works fine except the albums don’t play gapless, so I’d rather like to play them via Volumio.

I hope somebody will come up with a solution.

Erho calling earth!!! Somebody there :question:

Today I reinstalled Volumio on the Raspberry Pi. I deleted one album, that wouldn’t play from NAS. Rescanned the database. Downloaded the album again from Qobuz (bought it there), and added the album again. Rescanned the database… AND STILL THAT ALBUM WILL NOT PLAY, WHILE I CAN PLAY THE SPERATE TRACKS (I love capitals).

Somebody any idea what to try next?

It looks like the problem only concerns high-res albums :question: :question:

Is there really nobody to help me? Is the chatbot dead, perhaps? HELP HELP HELP

So, no Volumio Primo for me. Tonight I cancelled my pre-order. The sound quality might be great, the support sucks.

I rather spend some more money on a solid product.

Hi. To understand what’s wrong we need more info:

  • Is it a various artist album or a compilation?
  • Please, try to play it, then after send us logs and paste the log link here: … oting.html