Successful configuration of raspberry volumio bluetooth as loudspeaker in Win10


I just wanted to share an experience with the community.
I wanted to connect a Win10 laptop with Volumio running on Raspberry Pi 4 to play reference sound files of REW to characterize my drivers.
When connecting by bluetooth, Win10 is not recognizing the raspberry as loudspeaker (but as a portable media player), hence does not want to reorient the laptop audio to it.

I have edited the /etc/bluetooth/main.conf in the following way
changed :
class = 0x0c0414 (was 0x00041c before, 1c defines the object as being media player, 14 as a loudspeaker)
added :
Enable = Source,Sink,Control,Media
MaxConnected = 1

Now when I am searching for bluetooth device from the laptop, rapsberry is appearing as loudspeaker and is able to play windows sounds after connexion.

Hope it could help some of you,



could you paste the content of your /etc/bluetooth/main.conf ?

Just a note to follow this thread

@acor3 Have you tried this?

@acor3 : here it is…

Name = Volumio
Class = 0x0c0414
DiscoverableTimeout = 0
PairableTimeout = 0
AutoConnectTimeout = 0
Enable = Source,Sink,Control,Media

MaxConnected = 1