Stream via Blueooth without Internet


I am on virtuoso to be able to stream via bluetooth.
Problem is that my setup is a portable box for the park where I do not have internet.
When I am at home with Internet, everything works but when I disconnect the LAN, I cannot stream via bluetooth anymore. Any ideas how to stream via bluetooth without internet connection?


  • Get Virtuoso paid account
  • Setup volumio on RP3 and Hifiberry AMP 2
  • enable bluetooth
  • disconnect lan cable and internet
  • connect phone to bluetooth


  • phone can connect to bluetooth


  • phone cannot connect to bluetooth

Hi Dan,
we are working to make it work also without internet. Sorry, you must wait for a new release (hopefully less than 2 monhs)


thank you for your quick reply. I understand that you have to check if the users is on virtuoso or superstar but you could save the day until the current subscription is valid on the device. You could show online on which device the current subscription is stored and what the expiry date is. This will also convince more people to go for year instead of month probably.

Best regards and thank you for the great work,

Any update on the timeline here @volumio?

Sorry Dan, no update still…

Hi, is there any update? I’m using volumio in my car, so I haven’t internet access.