Stream from Volumio to Networked Amplifier?

I did not see anything in the documentation or forums that suggested you could stream from Volumio to a networked amplifier. But I read a review of the Primo and it said you could. I have the Pi4 with Audiophonics Dac and want to be able to choose my Onkyo amp as an endpoint where it can play the Volumio files?

Is that possible? and if so how do you do it?

If this is possible, which DAC am I using, the Volumio Dac or my Onkyo Dac?

Thanks for any replies.

No, it’s not an option. Volumio doesn’t stream nor it’s a server, it can index your music and play it, that’s it.

If your Onkyo has AirPlay or Chromecast, you can choose to install LMS plugin and stream to it either one (with a plugin inside LMS) I believe there’s also a DNLA plugin inside LMS.

Thank you for you response. It seems like miniDLNA plug in could work? I will try that.

You are then using the DAC on the amplifier. (DAC = Digital to Analogue Converter :wink: )

So I did the miniDNLA plug in and it sort’ve works. I have the mConnect app on my phone (which is what I did prior to Volumio) and mConnect finds the miniDNLA server and I can send it to the Onkyo networked amplifier. The Volumio miniDLNA shows up on the Music Server in the Onkyo and I can stream songs, however, and it is a big however, it can not play songs from my Qobuz playlists so it deems the whole thing worthless. It basically sees my Volumio Pi4 as a USB stick and can play files that are on it.

What I want to do is use the Volumio app, or web interface, and audio out to the Onkyo anything that Volumio is playing. So far what I have read and heard (above) is that is not possible.