Stream from Android device

How i can stream music from YT from Android devices? From IOS devices works fine with airplay, but i want with Android also

Best options are to use bubbleupnp or mconnectlite apps which can stream to volumio, another option is to use Bluetooth…

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Thank you, I also think that using Bluetooth is a good idea.

HiFi Cast

I’m using Airaudio. When activated it streams all audio from android device(youtube, deeezer, spotify, local music…) via wifi to upnp/dlna device.
Works flawless. Your android has to be rooted though…

I can recommend the MAG425A prefix and I can say that I am very pleased with its functionality. (details on this device can be found at This device can play 4K video even with low speed network connection, has built-in Chromecast function