Dear all…
Great project.
Wil give it a try on my rpi…
A few thing…
Is there a full api, so i can control the Volumio with http control…
Is there option that in can run Volumio and a other package on 1 rpi. Or is it only possible to run Volumio on the pi?
What are the best options to to use in Volumio?
Hope you can help me

1)You can remotely access to rpi’s shell using SSH (you can use for instance). If you want to control Volumio remotely through http you can use POST requests which are used on Volumio to handle requests from the Web UI. (correct me if I’m wrong)
I personally suggest you to take a look at volumioiphere/js/volumio.playback.js
as they are clear enough to be understood and possibly used for your needs.

2)It depends on what package you need. Consider that Volumio is specifically optimized to do music playing, so some packages are disabled or customized in order to make it as fast as possible.

3)Options, there is not much to say here as it depends on the hardware configuration you are using. Do you have an external usb audio card/I2S card?

Hope this helps :wink: