SSIDs with spaces, PSKs with special characters

My wifi SSID has a space in it, when I input this into the web interface, it results in /etc/network/interfaces containing:

wpa-ssid Firstwork Secondword This doesn’t seem to work, however if I actually enter “Firstword Secondword” into the web interface (with the quotes), the interfaces file contains:

wpa-ssid "Firstwork Secondword" which does work.

Likewise, my wifi password contains special characters, I have always seen these escaped inside quotes on Debian, for example:

wpa-psk "P@55w0rd" but Volumio doesn’t do this, it just puts in something like:

wpa-psk P@55w0rd

Again manually adding the quotes via the web interface fixes this up, but that’s a pretty obscure workaround.

Ideally, the Volumio web interface should add the quotes so that /etc/network/interfaces always ends up with quotes around the SSID and PSK.

Good feeback! Thank you! I’ll see if this works in most situations, and then add this fix !