SSH first time!

Loving Volumio, using it on a PI 3b, with a PIFI spdif hat! Works very well and the sound is excellent!
Yesterday I did my first SSH to my installation. This was to run the youtube 2 plugin from


It was all easy and works great. Thanks to Patrick for this!
I am using this player instead of a Brennan B2 i bought a year ago, it does everythig the B2 did except have a screen, for a TENTH of the price. Very pleased.


Hi Jeff,

Don’t forget to thank Tatu Ylönen :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Oh, I didnt see his name in the topic posts! But there were 300 of them!
Thanks Tatu Ylönen.

See the link, he’s the one who developped SSH :wink:

Ah, I see he was SSH developer…got me there!:wink: