squeezelite nogo after upgrade to 2.773 on RPI4

Just upgraded a RPI3 and RPI4 to 2.773. I have lost my squeezelite media servers on the RPI4 only after this update and despite uninstalling squeezelite several times cannot get it back. The RPI3 works fine after the update.
Wondering if the update broke sqeezelit on the RPI4 only

Fixed the issue by performing a factory reset and reinstalling squeezelite. Tried everything else including uninstalling the squeezelite plugin. My other 2 RPI 3 units that I upgraded at the same time had no issues. Probably one of those linux quirks that happen from time to time.
In conclusion a factory reset and reinstallation of the squeezelite plugin fixed the issue and I can now see my media server again.