Spotify will not begin playing

Hello everyone,

I am having a bit of trouble getting Spotify to work with Volumio 2. I am able to sign in, search and select songs. When I hit the play button, no music plays but i get a message in the top right that says the music is playing. When I change the volume, the timer on the left changes place in the song, like it is supposed to be playing. I have a Spotify Premium account.

Any response is appreciated :slight_smile:


Try to change volume mixer from software to none… let me know

Still no luck with that, when I hit the play button I get the green confirmation box in the corner but the button stays the same.

How are you using Volumio? I mean on a computer, rPi, other device? Are you using an additional DAC maybe? :slight_smile:

Sorry, I should have mentioned this in my first post! At the moment I’m using an rPi 3, with no DAC (just using the output on the rPi).

No biggy! :slight_smile:

I must say I have not used Volumio without a DAC, so I’m not sure how to check if sound should be output.
Did you verify that the connection you are using (headphone jack/HDMI) is selected in ‘playback options’ in the menu? I presume yes, but just checking :unamused:

I believe you should be able to check which soundcard (index) spop is using and cross reference that with the command ‘aplay -l’ (which lists your soundcards. I can’t really search the forum now (@work), but maybe someone else can assist, else I’d have to check this weekend (somewhere)