Spotify wake up alarm with volumio is working but not always

Hi Good afternoon,

Can somebody help me with a good solution to wake up with Spotify? :smiley:

step 1:
Add spotify song to playlist.

step 2:
Set alarm with the right playlist.

step 3: Wait for the time.

I’ts not playing any song of the playlist.

when i am doing the same steps over with a reboot on the end.
It’s working only for 1 time.

I hope someone has a solution?
Or maybe i can do it with a small script on the background.

It is sometimes necessary to restart the Pi, might be great to be able to automatically reboot during the night.

Is the bug in volumio with Spotify fixed soon? So I can use it with out any problems? So I can wake up every morning with my Spotify playlist.

Best regards

Hello is there someone that is using Spotify as alarm? Is it working without any problems?
There is already fix for the problem with not playing the spotify songs?

Is there other solution ? To control the spotify with Node Red.

Best Regards,

Lampen Schakelen