Spotify plugin 2.02 and authorization => not answering


After logging in to the Spotify plugin, I click authorise and have the message:

This page isn’t working didn’t send any data.

I checked on a different network, a different browser, and have the same result. I used a website scanner and it seems “” is down. Is it down for others as well?

Thank you,

My configuration:

  • Raspberry Pi 3b+
  • Hifiberry DAC Pro+
  • Volumio 2.779
  • Spotify plugin 2.02
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'Is it down for others as well? ’

Yes, I have exactly the same problem. Does this influence the spotify connect2 plugin as well?

No, Spotify connect authentication is not done in the same way.

Thanks for checking. Yes, Spotify Connect works fine. It only impacts the Spotify plugin. And without a possibility to authorize it, it cannot work.

Sorry, the server used for authentication is down… It will be restored ASAP…

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The server is up! It should be ok now!

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It works now, thank you very much for your help!