Spotify, library, ipad issues

hi all !
First of all thank you for this fascinating piece of software and all the hard work involved in it.
I use the volumio on the pi and the latest version and updated everything through apt-get update/upgrade. I have this question:

  1. Volumio does seem to have issues with spotify on my account. The problem is that spotify keeps disappearing in the library. Switching to MPaD does not solve the problem as spotify does not show up at all. Login etc. are all correct.
  2. the interaction with volumino from my iPad/iPhone browser is weird. Hitting play does not show me if the music plays at all (seconds do not start to count). I found that hitting the volume button readjusts the time that passed into the song, but does not show any progress by itself. The browser interface on my iMac works ok.
    Thank you for helping !!!


I am experiencing exactly the same issue than your point N°2 .

The screen refresh on the iPad does not work well. When a track is beeing played, the running time is not updated, although the green circle continues to move forward. You can force a refresh by downloading a new page of the webUI. Not convenient at all :cry: .
It works perfectly fine from Firefox on my PC.

I suggest an issue with Safari, which does not deal the same way than Firefox with the info sent by the webUI.

I have not tested with other web browsers.