Spotify for Business

Does the Spotify Connect plugin work with Spotify for Business (SoundTrackYourBrand in USA)? We’ll be playing music in a cafeteria and I’d prefer to know if it will work before spending the money on the account. Just trying to keep it legal!

I really don’t know… In any case Volumio is not affiliated with the Spotify Connect plugin which is made by the community and based on OSS software.
So my guess is no…

Don’t Spotify offer a ‘free trial’ - same as they do for their other products? That’s your best bet. I would bet that everything is the same except the licencing conditions…

Wait, I have a question regarding this? Isn’t Spotify not available for a business? From what I know, Spotify is only for personal, non-commercial use. But maybe I got something wrong.

That thread was sstarted in 2017, since then a lot have changed.