Spotify connect2 not skipping tracks gracefully

First post for me, apologies in advance for any guidline violations, I will try to make this as short and precise as possible.

I’ve been using volumio and spotifyconnect for a year or so now. I’ve noticed a small bug when skipping to the next track on my android phone. When I’m in player mode on my phone with the big albumart and skip to the next song the albumart closes and goes back to the playlist view as if I’ve also pressed the back button. Same thing with backwards skip. Not a huge problem, but still something I think would be great to fix. I’m pretty sure it happened with an update of volumio sometime this year.

Tested with casting to Sonos Connect and Android TV, no problem. I can see the albumart dissapears for a moment when doing the same operation in the windows app. Pressing next in the webui also closes the albumart on my phone. Not a huge problem with these since I don’t have to go back in to albumart mode again to skip another track. Normal playback end to new song works fine.

I am also working on a custom plugin project with raspi, a small Oled screen using SPI and relays for a tube amp. Using the REST api gives me this output:

console.log(moment().format(‘HH:mm:ss,SSS’), “New data:”, state.status, state.trackType, state.artist, state.title,

##Already playing a song and starting REST
19:21:57,871 New data: play spotify Lana Del Rey Off To The Races 164000
##Skipping to next song
19:22:07,055 New data: play spotify Lana Del Rey Blue Jeans 0
19:22:07,415 New data: pause spotify Lana Del Rey Blue Jeans 0
19:22:07,557 New data: play spotify Lana Del Rey Blue Jeans 0

I guess this is related. Already delayed turning off the amp by a minute so not a problem here either. Only thing bugging me is the phone app thing.

Oh, and have the latest Volumio v2.834 clean install on a raspi 3B+ and Spotify Connect2 v1.0.4.

This is something known (and fixed) but I need to make time to actually release it.

EDIT: I have uploaded a test version of the daemon at Spotify Connect: strange behaviour in app

Actually, no - this is because of how Volumio does things. It needs to go through the play-pause-play transition when you hit next. Interestingly, this was actually the trigger for me working on integrating the old volspotconnect with Volumio’s internal state machine, and subsequently work in a delay into the AmpSwitch plugin. You could look into AmpSwitch to inspire you :slight_smile:

I will look into that fix, can’t get it to work right now, there is no connect to volumio with your new dev vollibrespot.

Your plugins has already been a great inspiration, I think ampswitch was where I found the io.connect socket for the first time. I’m new to nodejs so it has taken me some time to get used to synchronous programming. Await async, bufferarrays, a lot of spagetthicode and I’m finally at my first prototype :slight_smile:

Many thanks!

That looks like a nice tidy setup :slight_smile:

Ouch, can you share logs to see why it’s not connecting?

# Volumio logs
journalctl -f 
# vollibrespot logs
journalctl -f -o cat -u volspotconnect2.service

PS: Thanks, but I didn’t actually write any of these plugins, just added a bit here and there to suit my needs :wink:

Works like a charm, just had to give it the correct permissions! Will keep you posted if I find more problems.