Spotify Connect2 fast forwards through playlist

Spotify Connect2 fast forwards through playlist and is uabel to play when connecting from windows computer or android phone.
Solution tried so far -. Fresh install of Volumio and Spotify on win computer, still not working.

Log from fresh boot and attempt to play via Connect2


I’ve had the same problem for several weeks now. The issue has been raised before in this thread Spotify connect skipping songs - #5 by morphar
But I don’t know if there’s being done anything to solve it.

Thanks. I se it affecting people i Denmark where i also live. Will try the work around. Need to brush up on my terminal skills :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure, that it’s Spotify having issues. So it’s hard to do anything.
I do know, that some of the great people over at librespot are looking into making it more resilient, when Spotify has this type of issues :slight_smile:

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