Spotify Connect2 disconnects after some minutes

Nothing… volumio disconnected again… :pensive:

Sorry, here the log

Do note, that this kills volumio and it’s webUI. You can always enable the connect daemon (without keeping your ssh terminal running) with

systemctl start volspotconnect2

If this doesn’t break and works well, then something is commanding a stop command via Volumio, I noticed some webradio overlaps from your log fragments… Perhaps try a reboot…

Edit: your newest logs hint at network errors. Sorry, not much I can do. You could enable the debug flag in the plugin settings page, but it will just complain more verbosly about the dropped connection to the server…

Ok, so I can assume that it seems a net problem :thinking:

I will investigate in this direction

Thanks for your help, you’ve been very kind!

I’ll update you next days!

Hi @ashthespy ,hi all!

I don’ t understand what kind of net problem it could be.

The other Spotify plugin works without interruptions, and also the web radios have no problem of disconnection.

So, the question is: is it possibile that the problem could be in spotify android app?

Am I the first Volumio user that has encountered this issue?

I do have this issue of Spotify Connect randomly disconnecting from Volumio. Sometimes I need to disable and re-enable the plugin to get things working again.

And I do suspect that this is the problem of Android as such. Some versions from specific manufacturers handle background processes very aggressively trying to conserve battery and RAM.

I’m running Spotify from P30 Lite - Huawei has the worst reputation in respect of killing background apps. No matter how you set up exclusions for the applications it would kill whatever it doesn’t like. It’s not just Spotify - any app sent to the background would be eliminated and next time you would bring it to the foreground it would essentially restart.