Spotify Connect Plugin: Resume previous playlist

Just a small feature request:

In my case i got one volumio player playing webradio the whole time. Sometimes i play music via the spotify connect plugin on that device. After disconnecting Spotify i have to manually resume my playlist.
Would be nice if volumio could do that automagically.

BR and thx for your hard work!

i think that this plug can help you.

it should work for version v3.xx
if you can set a radio station you could auto start a playlist
the old auto start just resumed after start but it’s not ported yet to v.3 so we have to wait for that.
but in time it will they have a lot of checking to do if it works ect. so in time it will be released i think.

Thanks for the tipp!
I cloned the plugin via ssh onto my pi, started the but the plugin doesn’t show up under installed plugins :frowning:

did you go in to the folder and installed it like this :

volumio plugin install

So you essentially always want something playing?
The plugin linked to won’t achieve that, it starts playing when volumio boots up…

Thx, now i was able to install it. But this plugin isn’t what i’m searching for.
I just want Volumio to resume what it was playing till i used YT Cast or Spotify, or UPNP.
Use case: in my bathroom Volumio plays a Webradio stream (or sometimes a playlist with songs stored on my NAS), when i go to shower i mostly listen to Spotify.
After showering and stopping Spotify i want Volumio to resume the playlist.

This would be a bit hard to achieve (cleanly) with the current Volumio infrastructure. For your usecase, it would be easier to just hard code in a “continue”.

Okay, that’s too hard for me. Anyway thank you all!
Can be considered as closed.