Spotify Audio Output with DAC

Hallo all together,

I have a Problem with Spotify. I am not able to get Sound Output while playing Songs with Spotify.
Internetradio works fine.

I am using a Odroid C1+ with the official Hifi shield (DAC) from Hardkernel and Volumio Version 0.976.

Attached you will find my spop.conf, maybe some Parameter is wrong.

I hope you can help me.

Marcel (1.68 KB)

Your file does not look like the one generated by the plugin… How did you install it ?
You’ve got no sound probably because in sox section there is nothing after “output_name =”
You should have something like

output_name = hw:0

To check the output to be used, enter aplay -l

Hello balbuze,

Thank you for your answer.
I have installed Spotify with the Webinterface of Volumio as a Plugin.

To connect to my Spotify Premium Account I have changed Username an Password directly in the spop.conf.

I have changed to “output_name = “ just to test. But with hw:0 it did not work too.

I will check aplay -l tomorrow and let you know if I have success.

Why don’t you use the webUi to configure the plugin? It should set the right parameters