Spotify and Youtube addins

Hi, I’ve just upgraded to Virtuoso and I’ve added both the Spotify addins and the Youtube one.

Where do I find them on Volumio. Can’t seem to find how to’s anywhere.

Sorry if this is a no brainer but I must have sent mine to the cleaners :unamused:

Cheers, John

Also, I’ve tried to log in using the non-volumio2 addin but it says login fails. I’m using the correct user name and password.

After deleting the spotify plugins I had before upgrading, restarting and reloading them, I see you need a spotify premium account , as you do for the other services.

As I don’t use it that much anyway because my music collection is vast (I only use free spotify to track down recent releases that I like), I’ll skip it.

Thanks anyway, cheers.