Special Characters support.

Hi. Here’s my first tiny troublethingie with Volumio running on an Rpi.
Ps. I’m a noob (which is why Volumio is so perfect for me)

So… Filenames with special characters are showing up weird on network.

  • When accessing \volumio\USB Music\ from my pc:
    A folder named “håkan hellström” shows up as “HCI4AN~K”
    Or a file named “06 - La mésange.mp3” shows up as “0ATPCS~T.MP3”

  • When I access the USB folder from MPDroid on my Android device (and also when I access the folder through SFTP from pc):
    “håkan hellström” shows up as “h?kan hellstr?m”
    “06 - La mésange.mp3” shows up as “06 - La m?sange.mp3”

  • It’s also not possible to copy files with these characters into the USB folder.

Anyone familiair with this problem? I haven’t found any similar topics on this (yet).

Hi DePiraat,

The first issue is just standard long filename to 8.3 filename translation. The USB device is likely being loaded as just FAT filesystem.

The second issue is a internationalisation issue on your Android device.

Would be nice to get a fix for the first issue and it’s likely just some linux mount / filesystem changes which are needed. One to add to the new features list Michelangelo :slight_smile:

Gest regards,