Sound Quality differences between Volumio native and Roon plugin?

I am using the following setup in my listening room:
Odroid N2 with Volumio 3 - Neukomm CDA126S DAC/Pres - Neukomm PA18 Monoblocks - Piega Coax 90.2 speakers
To me, streaming through the Odroid N2 sounds significantly better than through a RP4. Soundstage is deeper, instruments / voices placed more clearly in space, more silent background around the instruments / voices. The difference is not subtle to me.
I have done several comparisons streaming from my Synology NAS via Volumio / MinimServer and via Roon and Volumio’s Roon plugin. It seems to me that Volumio native sounds significantly better than using the Roon and the Volumio Roon plugin. The difference is similar to the difference RP4 to Odroid N2 that I described above.
Has anyone else noticed a significant SQ difference between Volumio native and Volumio Roon plugin?

I did. Same experience. I tried Roon for a while when I had the Primo. When I switched back to Volumio I noticed a better sound quality and cancelled Roon within the trial period.