Sound Cutting Out

Hi everyone,

I have looked for this in a few places but cannot find a solution. Its driving me nuts. My sound just keeps cutting out. It happens on Spotify streaming and playing music from my separately powered USB HDD. Its totally random, from half a second up to 3 seconds.

This has happened on every version of volumio I have used, I am on 2 now thinking that might solve it but no such luck. There is nothing but the OS stored on the SD card. All my music is on spotify and the attached USB HDD.

I have a Pi 2+ and a HiFi Berry Dac+
The network connection is wired

I am at a loss, please help me as I want to enjoy my music!


Edit - Decided to reinstall and now my music library on the USB drive is found, starts indexing, then goes backwards once it reaches a certain amount and goes back to 0 media?!! Rescan button does nothing.

lsusb command doesn’t appear to work in volumio anymore either. What the hell is going on lol