Song queue is not editable when using Spotify Connect with Volumio

I use Spotify on a wide variety of platforms in my home. Spotify Connect to my Smart TV or Chromecast, Amazon Echo, on the computers (Win10), tablet and smartphone (Android) and most recently a Hifiberry with Volumio.

When I listen to playlists or albums, I often check the song queue to delete upcoming songs I don’t like. However, when using Volumio, editing the queue is not possible. All songs are grayed out. I first noticed this in the Android app (see screenshot). It doesn’t matter if I try on my smartphone or tablet.

When I open Spotify on the PC and switch to the queue, it looks like all the upcoming songs are playing all at the same time (see screenshot). Editing the upcoming songs is not possible here either.

I don’t know what setting I could have made wrong in Volumio. It looks more like a bug to me. I’ve already reset network settings, reinstalled Spotify everywhere, and rebuilt Volumio from scratch twice on the Hifiberry. The behavior always remains the same.

In all other combinations (Amazon Echo, Chromecast, Smart TV) Spotify Connect and editing the queue works just fine.