some questions to STOP/next/previous via API

Hardware: raspberry pi3, volumio Image and plugin gpio-buttons


i have some Troubles :frowning:

i use 3 Buttons: PLAY/STOP, PREVIOS, NEXT
PLAY/STOP use “STOP” and “Play” (changed by me)

when i press PLAY/STOP, it works.
during playing Music, i press “next” or “previous”, next or previous title is played.

now i press “stop” during playing song 20.
Player stops.
i press “previous”, then i see in the browser, that the previos song, 19 in this case, is selected.
pressing again -> 18 …
pressing PLAY/STOP, starts playing

that is how i like it, perfekt

but when i press “next”, next song is selected AND it starts to Play!

any idea why there is a difference between “previous” and “next”?

any idea how i can Change to have for “next” the same function as for “previous”, NO autoplay?


i Need this, because i want to make some seconds “FF” or “REW” on my Tapedeck :wink: