[SOLVED] Volumio 2.129 on Udoo quad: corrupted?No web access


have made new SD image from latest build 2.129, but something seems corrupt there.

Udoo boots up regurarely, I can SSH it, but no Web access to Volumio app.

Anybody got the same issue?

I previously used version 2.118 and worked perfectly.

Thanks for reporting, I will check the issue.
– Gé –

Confirmed, the volumio service crashes at startup.
The log looks like one from a failed udooqdl image build, I will make a new one afterwards and let you know.
Once working, we will replace the one from the download page.

Gave a look at the log and seems nodejs is not installed in this image (probably volumio repo was temporarily unavailable during the build, bad luck)

We are rebuilding now

To download the corrected image version 2.132 click here

All works fine now.

Great job, thanks!