[Solved] Volumio 1.5.1 & apt-get dist-upgrade

When I install a new version of Volumio I make an system update on my Raspberry Pi B with “apt-get update” & “apt-get dist-upgrade”.
Today I have installed the 1.5.1 from the sourceforge web site and after the customising (use of the entire sd-card, update locales, renaming the Pi, …) I update the Raspian.
“Apt-get updates”: OK,
“Apt-get dist-upgade” said: 180 updates and 188 MO of data
I say OK.

After 1,5 hours I reboot the system and since I can see the pi on the network (wifi) but no music, no web and no access with SSH.

What is the problem?

Apt-get dist-upgrade.

basically updating debian is a bad idea and breaks stuff. (known errors)

as far as i know you can do update but cant do upgrade(upgrade will break volumio)