[SOLVED] The proper way to publish a plugin

Dear Volumio team,

with the final release of Volumio 2 and some people working on third-party plugins, I think one important question is still unanswered: What to do when the plugin development is finished? How can people get their plugin to be shown in the Plugin Search? Someone suggested to issue a PR on Github, but mine has been unanswered for almost a month. So I guess this is not the proper way.
After this topic has been solved I will update the docs pages accordingly.

Hi, I just merged it. It was simply a lack of time on my side, you did everything properly.
If you can update the page it will be a great help, and I’ll edit it accordingly …

Thanks a lot, I already forked the docs. Maybe I can also shed a bit more light on the PluginDev section as I was missing some Infos during development.

Yes please, that would be uber-useful !

just to make things clear:

the PR has do be done on the plugin repository (github.com/volumio/volumio-plugins), right? :slight_smile:

Yes, branch master thanks!

Please share…

Yap, after finishing my first Volumio-based built this weekend it moved to the top of my ToDo-List, so I hope to be done soon.

I look forward to seeing it!