[Solved] start playing a radio station at scheduled time

Hello friends,
Thank you for this wonderful system. I have been using Volumio for the past few months and am absolutely loving it.

I was wanting to use my volumio device as a clock radio. Means, I want that the device should start playing a radio station (BBC World Service) at a set time.
I have been playing with MPC command line …trying to setup it up via cron -e command.

I am ABLE to make it work with the MP3 files which are copied to the local disk on the Pi.

Can some one please guide me HOW do I do the same thing with any radio stream?..

I tried copying the BBCWorldService.pls file to the playlists folder. But MPC did not show the playlist. I changed the extension to m3u. Then it started showing up but mpc is still not able to play the stream.

best wishes to everyone.

Jawed Ahmed, India

Ok…got it.

I created a playlist with only the BBC new stream in it from the Volumio web interface.

Then it was accessible from the command line via the command 'mpc load ’

I created an executible file with the following commands…

  1. mpc stop
  2. mpc load
  3. mpc play
  4. sleep 300
  5. mpc stop

Scheduled it to run at 0630 hrs (Indian time) every day.

Additionally have also enabled both CRON and NTPD services from the orion file.

Have tested it and it works fine.
Hope this helps others who might look for the same thing…

best regards,
Jawed Ahmed , India

you can make a guide if you want. :wink:
For playing mp3 files and radio stations at a scheduled time.