[Solved] Server credentials on 1.4 dont work on 1.5

I can’t connect to the map with the creditials i have used on 1.4.

“ro,noatime,sec=ntlmv2” is working on 1.4, but not on 1.5. I also have tried “ro,noatime,sec=ntlm” which i saw on another post. Also without succes.

What can i try next?

I confirm, same issue found in 1.5 , and not in 1.41 . Using raspi B+ and plain fresh images.
It also seems to lockup parts in the web UI.
The restart from the web UI does not work, and needs a : [sudo shutdown -r now] to get going again.
Please share some tips to debug this, and I can help to overcome this.

Okay… as usual… (second time, luck-with-usb-wifi-adapter-from-monoprice-t1780.html ). i helped my self and spend hours to get the sh*t working…

I have installed new Runeaudio 0.3 beta… which is great.

very fast GUI
lots of options.
great wifi support
nice GUI with album pics

Lots of points way better than Volumio

But sound quality is less than Volumio…And thats what counts for me.

Community of Runeaudio is way better…

Its that Volumio has the better quality otherwise i was with Runeaudio …way better support!!!

The trick for me to get the maps in NAS working.


Why do I need to figure this out?!?!?!
Why i still have to update my Wifi drivers!?!!?!!?

Still in competition with Runeaudio and want to release this version to Quickly??


What a rude post!

You are using an open source software that people make in their free time and you are complaining like you have paid for a golden support plan.

You have to find stuff and bug fix and fix your Wifi drivers because this software is BETA and because it’s a community project. So stop behaving like a customer because you are not one here.

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thats just what i needed to know… when i post a rude post… a reaction in an instance.

But when people are having problems. Almost nobody with some hints.

Just want to say there could be more support from members and/or developers.
Why does Runeaudio have no problems with wifi drivers and/or Nas configuration??

Yes it’s open source but does that mean I have to be less critical? Why I am I using Volumio then? For crappy sound quality?? No then u would stick to other open source projects.

Dont get me wrong…i do like Volumio… but its easy to switch over…when there is not much support. On “easy” things for instance, driver problems which is already known.

Volumio: Raspbian
Runeaudio: ArchLinux

So maybe there is a “little” difference between the system…(and maybe its because the runeaudio team has more spare time?)

You are also a member of this community, why are you not helping the other members?

Wackid, the reason why you may not receive support is quite simple.
Do you know how many Wi-fi dongles are out there?
Do you know how many different NAS models and cifs implementations are out there?
Being a community means that when you spot a problem on your configuration (which is one among the possible billions, out there, which makes it statistically unlikely to get all of them covered), you share it. If you solve it, then there are good chances it will be integrated in next Volumio release. Period.

Then, if you’re wondering why your unpolite comments receive more answers than your contributions, it could probably mean that you’re not that great value for the community. And you’re best aknowledge for your bad behaviours, than the good ones.

Last but not least, I’m observing a curiously high correlation beetween selfish and whining users and RuneAudio satisfaction. I therefore invite both categories not to bother Volumio community and leave to better places.

Maybe you missed this thread?!?


So Irrelavant to comment i am selfish.

Maybe i reacted i little bit to hard on this. But it was just of some stupid things why it was not working. A new version should be an improvement.
And thats why i was frustrated. Especialy on the advanced settings line.

Like i said… i am not a Linux wizz kid. So i need recourses and a little forum help to get things going.

I am looking into the problem, the reason why advanced options are not working is because the NAS mounting has been reworked to allow better compatibility. It turned out that for some people there was an improvement, for the others situation got worse.
Reporting what doesn’t work is useful for me to understand how to deploy an universal solution