SOLVED - Sampling data not showed on web GUI

Dear All,

I use volumio rel 2.041 on raspberry PI3 with Kali Reclock and Piano 2.1 in stereo 2 chs (2.0 setup) in order to play flac files stored into a NAS. The system sound is very good, but sometimes, the web GUI doesn’t show indication about sampling rate and bit depth: for example, in attach, I use a SACD ripped in single flac tracks at 176400 Hz 24 bit. The track #5 shows the correct info but the track # 4 shows only the time and the FLAC label.

The issue was replicated several time in other albums.
I have double checked also the vorbis tag into flac files but they seems ok.

Any ideas?

Many thanks in advance


I have updated my system with last release 2.114 and now all the infos are showd with no error !

Great !

Many thanks