[Solved] help with cubox i4 pro

Hi guys

i downloaded the image and installed it from site.

But it starts and ends startup with asking volumio login on tv…

How can i move forward to listen to music?


You access the player through a web browser. Looking for it’s IP on your router’s IP address table or type volumio.local/ into your address bar. The login screen on your tv is the same as you get with SSH for coding mods.


thanks for the help, but i cant access through the web browser.

I connected the LAN cable to the cubox and to the router.

I have my pc connected to the network.

But nothing appears on my browser.

Is the wireless of the cubox already working or i have to activate?

I thought it was all plug and play… Do i have to put codes?


If you access your router’s config pages and look at the ‘attached devices’ / IP address table you need to look for the volumio IP address. It might be identified as ‘Volumio’ or you might have to identify it by Mac address. That’s the IP address you enter into your web browser. If it’s not there you may have to reflash the SD card.

Volumio is pretty easy to configure, but it’s not plug and play in that sense. It won’t automatically find your wireless network nor your DAC. I can’t think of any network streamers that will do those things. uPnP in network terms means that devices talk to each other without the need to install drivers and so on. Not that they configure themselves.



i got something working!

But i can access to volumi.local from pc but not from android tablet or phone.

Do i need to install something in the phone/ tablet?


PCs normally run some kind of ‘service discovery’ name service that enables the use of a name (like ‘volumio.local’) for local networked devices. These are not standard on phones or tablets. Assuming your phone and tablet are connected by WiFi to your lan u can access volumio on thoose by typing it’s actual assigned IP address which you can find under ‘network’ in the web GUI. It will be something like 192.168.1.xxx where xxx is a number between 1 and 999.

You should also google LAN and WiFi and get a grounding on the basics of how your home network works.