[Solved] Doubled folder problem under /media

Hello, I have a problem related to the “media” folder.
With Volumio 2 I had only one subfolder containing the music (that i named “MY_MUSIC”) under “media”.
Since I upgraded to Volumio 3 I have two subfolders: one with the same name as the partition UUID and the other is “MY_MUSIC” (as the first attached image shows).
The problem is that both the two subfolders point to the same content, so my music library turns out to be duplicated.
If I unmount the UUID folder I solve only temporarily because it reappears on the first restart.
Immagine 2021-12-18 183143

Here’s my fstab:

How can i solve this issue?

Thanks in advance

[EDIT SOLUTION FOUND!]: I used e2label command to assign “MY_MUSIC” label at /dev/sda1 in place of the UIID hex number, then I unmounted the folders and left just one with all the music inside (deleted the other one).
Now also after rebooting the system I have just one “MY_MUSIC” folder.