[Solved] Custom browse list for all UIs

Good evening!

I’m currently setting up a Volumio audio client with an RPi3. It’s great to see how this software performs.

Primary I want to use Webradio as well as Spotify, no local music library. So I’m trying to remove all unneeded menu items in the browse menu (like artists, genre, music library,…). I have already managed to hide “Last 100” by editing /data/configuration/plugins.json. But I didn’t find a way to hide / disable the other menu items automatically in all user interfaces (Web + Android app). Is this possible at all? I guess if I start to edit the web interface this will not have an effect on the Android app.


Just found the solution:

/volumio/app/musiclibrary.js searches for a file /volumio/app/browsesources.json. By default the file does not exist, therefore all browse sources are shown.

By creating a file /volumio/app/browsesources.json all local library elements could be removed from the browse list:


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I tried to put content in browsesources.json.
tried different things :
=> works file, just have 3 items in home

[{albumart: '/albumart?sourceicon=music_service/mpd/musiclibraryicon.png', name: 'Music Library', webserver uri: 'music-library', plugin_type: 'music_service', plugin_name: 'mpd'}]

=> node won’t start after reboot

Any hint ?