[Solved] Copy Volumio to another Pi?

Hi, I’ve got a 16GB Pi on SD running WiFi, DHCP, VPN, and a few other things PLUS a Volumio bootable SD. Is there an easy way to copy the Nginx and other apps from the Volumio to my 16GB? Seems to me, that would be easier than the other way around. It was a bear setting up all the networking before…

You can insert your SD card in your PC and (if you are with linux) you can do :
Suppose your card is /dev/sdc (check with df -h)

dd if=/dev/sdc of=/home/user/nameoffile.img it will create an image of your card in the file called “naemofile.img”. Of course you can set the name and the place you want… Eject the card when finished.
After you just have to rewrite this image on the new card:
Insert the new card and check really carefully the name with df -h (/dev/sdX) where X is the good name and write the image

dd if=/home/nameoffile.img of=/dev/sdX

Be very careful with name because data on the device /dev/sdX will be definitly erased…too bad if it your harddrive…
Now you have a clone of your first card :wink: