[Solved] Controlling amplifier volume


I’ve been thinking about putting together a raspi with hiberry DAC and a simple class T amp for my patio. The speakers will be mounted under the eaves and there really isn’t anywhere to put an amp so that the volume can be accessible.
To be honest, I would prefer to have that completely controlled by bubbleupnp.

Does anybody know if it’s “possible” to use volumio to control raspi output such that it controls the volume of an amp such as
pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.vi … 08&alt=web

I believe you can use digital volume control but it would be nice to put the amp, raspi and DAC in a single box and hide it completely but still have good volume control.


Hi reefsmacker,

If you set “software” mixer in the playback menu, you will have the possibility to control the volume of your music. It won’t exactly control the volume of your amp but at least it will allow you to control the volume.
Another solution would be to choose a DAC that is compatible with the “hardware” mixer. It would give you the possibility to control the volume of your DAC.
Not sure if this helps :slight_smile:

Thanks esseki,

Can you give me an example or suggestion for a DAC that is compatible with a hardware mixer?


The IQaudIO.com Pi-DAC has built in Hardware volume control via alsamixer.

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