[SOLVED]Computer connection problem with cross cable

I have a raspberry pi B and I have installed volumio version 2.141 on the SD card

For the moment I have no DAC connected

I connected a cross cable between the PC (Win7 with installed Bonjour) and the rasperry.

I can not connect to the volumio user interface by typing volume.local /.

I do not have the ability to connect with the HDMY cable

How can I do?

You don’t need to do that, and it will never work since there no mdns dispatcher.

Instead, simple and effective: just connect to the hotspot called Volumio (if you have a wireless dongle plugged). Pw is volumio2

First of all, thanks for the prompt answer

I was afraid I could not do it.

Unfortunately I do not have a wireless dongle with me

I’m doing spa treatments away from home and I brought the raspberry to play a while when I discovered volumio…

I solved.

I made a wireless dongle and I joined.

Then I put a fixed IP address for the wired network

Finally I connected with the cross cable to the UI using the ip address and it works

It also works with a normal non-cross cable

Thanks again