[Solved] BubbleUPnP stopped loving Volumio 1.5?

I have been using BubbleUPnP on various Android devices to control a Volumio 1.5 renderer (on CuBox, if that matters). For a couple of months all was well, but with the last couple of BubbleUPnP updates, tracks started to be skipped, repeated, or out of order when playing an album. A suspicious sign from the Volumio side is that before the problems started, the playlist used to contain the current track followed by a “continuation” track with a synthetic all-digits name, but now I see either just the current track, or the continuation track. Anyone knows of a work-around using Volumio or BubbleUPnP settings? Thank you!

Update: One of the recent BubbleUPnP updates turned on shuffle play on both of my control devices (Nexus 7 and Moto X). I never use shuffle play, so I didn’t notice the change. Once I turned this off, the problem went away.