[SOLVED] 2.703 won't boot on pi2

just tried volumio on my pi 2. used 2 different sd cards and 2 different pi2’s, it won’t boot.
Tried writing the sd on macos and windows, no difference. Tried raspbian just to be sure, but that works.

Is something wrong with the image?

You got me worried and before update I checked 2.703 on new card (written with Win32DiskImager) on my RPi2 V1.1 - it worked fine without a problem. Must mention that there are two very different versions of RPI2 - Old ones like mine based on 32bit BCM2836 and newer ones (V1.2) on BCM2837, which are more like slow RPi3 without WiFi. Maybe yours are new one and there is some confusion about different chips.


I checked with the older PI2 version as well as the newer one. It simply is working - no worries.
Maybe you should try another SD card ?

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yes, the 3rd sd card worked.
strange raspbian worked fine.