SMB mounts showing dot files - fix in SMB mount or SMB server?

On latest Volumio3 build and at some point since updating to v3 I’ve noticed dot files showing up in the music library. My music is mounted from a NAS (Open Media Vault) via SMB. These definitely didn’t show up in v2 but of course it’s hard to 100% determine where the change was as my NAS software has also updated in the interim.

My hunch says that v2 possibly had a mount option for hiding the dot files which is no longer in v3. Having said that, my NAS share options include the option for hiding dot files but they’re still showing up so maybe it’s an issue in OMV.
In the mean time I’ve added a hardcoded option to my SMB server config to hide dot files so we’ll see once the music libary rescans.

Just wonder if anyone else has experienced this issue in v3?