SMB mounted but wont read

Volumio Information

Volumio Version: 2.729
Hardware: rpi 3b+
DAC: justboom

Hey All

Would someone mind explaining how the SMB sharing works in volumio? I have a NAS share that i am able to mount via UI using the credentials i given in the volumio ui (which match the share user credentials). It shows as mounted. However it wont scan anything in the path.

If I ssh into volumio I can see the share mounted in mnt/NAS. However cd into the mount shows permision denied. I know the permissions are good because if I connect using the user and path on windows desktop I can access and see all the data.

It’s almost like volumio isnt using the user and password passed to it to enter the share.

If I set the share to allow everyone access I can enter the path and scan the data.

Any feedback will be gratefully recieved

As you’re referring to SMB, which SMB version does your NAS support? V1, V2, V3?

You can add that as option in the mounting option:


Thanks for this.

it supports all versions, and changing it to vers=3.0 from vers=1.0 allows it to read the path. Why is this?

Seems your NAS won’t support V1 if V2 or 3 is enabled. If V3 is working, keep it that way. Seems Volumio can’t figure out to switch to V3 as V1 seems available… (I guess)

the NAS is truenas, and will send out on all three protocols as far as I understand it

the version in volumio was given as vers=1.0 so it shouldn’t be making a switch.

so this working doesn’t make sense, although I am happy it does work


V3 has better security, V1 is only available for legacy purpose. I have the same with my QNAP NAS.
Even though V1 is available, the connection is unstable. Turning V1 off the connection is stable.