shutdown after 3 songs and spdif out problem

before telling problems i must say that SQ is phantastic.
1.But… udoo is stopping always after 5 to 10 min.
Only resetbutton helps restarting. I tried all kernels and options.
What can i do?

2.How i can get spdif out. At the moment only hdmi out is possible and usb out is not compatible with my nad M51?
Thank You

Frankfurt germany

I’ve had a similar problem today. My raspi stopped webradio playing after 2 hours. Then only pulling plug helped. But after booting again, it stopped after 10 minutes. There must be something basicly wrong. But maybe the sd card is not working properly. I’ve inserted another one with volumio installed (same copy) and it’s working fine till now. I’ll report how it behaves now. In addition is to say that I played out from ram before the system failed and I didn’t clear ram immediately.

Concerning the NAD M51: As I know this converter has a hdmi input. There are not many converters out there with that feature- I would use it- not the worst connection